Advisory Services

There is no “training” or course to become an escort, yet on day one as an independent escort you are everyone from the CEO to the sales assistant. 

What do you do when you need to bounce ideas off someone, but everyone wants a piece of the same pie?

Who do you ask when you aren’t sure what’s next?

Do you have someone you can go to for advice?  

Copywriting &
Content Creation

As a society, we have instant access to almost anything that can be displayed on a screen. We are used to constantly consuming information in one form or another.

People don’t even buy a toaster anymore before checking it online…



To be the Queen, 
you have to be the best,
or hire the best.

News & Information

I can read about you online, so why should I hide behind an anonymous email address and a completely impersonal website? 

I would love to call this a blog.
Truthfully, I don’t write often enough… But 
I believe in honesty, so here I am. 

All things SJ end up here, including some of my old advertising material. 

Read about what’s going on in my world, and how SJ came to be.

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