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Sex Industry Copywriting, Content Writing and other services

As explained in my recent post Escort Content Writing, I offer a range of services to escorts and other sex workers who are hoping to outsource some of their never-ending pile of admin. Specifically, sex industry copywriting/content writing for escorts, as well as other adult industry business professionals alike, is my focus.

Currently, these services are only open to Australian escorts. I apologise for any inconvenience caused, but due to the fact I am only new to offering these services in a public and structured business format, I believe my skills and knowledge is best utilised and in the market they were developed in. If and when things change, I will announce it here and on my twitter.

There are plenty of other escort and adult industry copywriters who offer services to clients based outside of Australia. If you are one of them, let me know! I would love to add a link to your site. If you are looking for a writer and aren’t in Aus, check back soon as I’m planning to add a list of writers who seem to know their stuff.

Sex Industry specific copywriting and content creation

  • Full website content – From $650
  • Advertising Profile/About me – $150
  • Quick and Dirty advertising copy – $99
  • Blog posts/News/Announcements – From $150
  • Fine tune your existing content – From $70
  • Sensitive Communication Guidance – From $80
  • Quick Replies and Templates – $40 for 3

Please note:

A deposits of 50% must be made before I start work, with the balance paid on completion of first draft.

I take payment in a variety of ways. As my personal details are still confidential, I generally take payment in advance, the same way/s you do. I prefer cash or payment through BeemIt. I am happy to discuss other methods as well, as I know some of you are far more savy with this than I am.

Revisions are to be expected, and within reason, I am happy to oblige. However, these revisions will only be offered a certain number of times (specified below). After that, I charge a small fee for my time.

SEO related info is touched on in my post here. I am also happy to discuss this more with you when you enquire directly.

Discounted rates apply for return clients seeking; SEO based updates, a refresher to stale content, regular/ongoing projects, or multiple services purchased together.

Full website content – $650

This covers up to 5 standard pages of sex industry copywriting on your site. Standard pages are or similar to the following: About me, Rates, Packages/Experiences, Services, Deposits and Cancellation Policy, Client Conduct, Booking Procedures, FAQ etc.

Approximately 1000 – 1500 words. 2 revisions included, and a final light edit.

Additional Pages: Starting from $100

Additional Revisions: $60

Advertising Profile About Me – $150

This is an enticing and personalised introduction to you, your world, and all the delicious things you offer. This text is the longer version of your initial escort copywriting advertisement and is created with intent to post it on advertising sites and directories where you have a whole profile page, as opposed to a classified ads site. My words reveal enough about you to get your admirers salivating, but I cut off the erotic literature before they get their fill. Clients will need to meet you for that… Are you available for 2 hours on Tuesday at 3pm?

Approximately 250-400 words. 2 revisions included.

Additional revisions: $25

Quick and Dirty advertising copy – $99

This is perfect for sexy sites where the readers want to get down to business. Short, sharp and spicy… if thats how you like it. I can also do decadently sweet. But either way, there is no messing about. No one likes a client who takes 15 minutes to get his shoes back on. This is where we entice the guys who like to get it done.

Up to 200 words. 1 revision included.

Additional revisions: $25

Blog posts, Newsletters, Announcements and everything else…

This includes all the other sex industry written content that for one reason or another, you have to (should?) post. Written content and quality copywriting are essential to any successful business, and sex industry copywriting is no different. Tour announcements should be exciting and updates need to be enjoyable to read. So, if creating literary gold is not your thing, allow me the honour of creating on your behalf.

POA. Starting at $150 for 250 words. The number of included revisions will be specified when you enquire, as will the price for additional revisions.

Please note: If you approach me with a topic which you would like me to write a blog post on which I either disagree with or find no fire in creating, I will politely decline the contract. As I do not find pleasure in delivering sub-par work, nor do I believe it’s fair for you to pay for content which leaves readers unimpressed, I will discuss this with you. Usually, after some discussion, we will be able to tweak the topic and find something that fits us both better. If in the end you still are heart-set on a particular concept that doesn’t fit, I will set you free as soon as I can, to find a better wordsmith.

Fine tune your existing sex industry copywriting – Starting from $70

If you almost love what you have written already but something is missing, hand it over and ‘figure it out. It doesn’t need to be a big task. You may just need an overall basic edit or a few new adjectives. Given the opportunity, I will breathe new life into stale content, or tighten up your new write up. Whatever the task, I’m ready to create.

Sensitive communication guidance – Starting from $80

If you have ever had to wiggle out of an awkward situation, break up with a client, or even just address a sensitive topic and felt completely out of your depth, this is for you. I will confidently take charge as best I can, to guide you through these complex situations. I will write replies if that’s what you need, and/or advise you on the way things should be worded, with the aim to minimise collateral damage. YMMV, as one particular site likes to put it, but a sympathetic ear and some suggestions when you are struggling should never go amiss.

Quick replies and Templates – From 3 for $40

Not everybody uses these, and I definitely didn’t make use of them as much as I should have, but QUICK REPLIES SAVE LIVES! Joking, obviously. Although, if you try hard enough I’m sure you could find an example of a Sex Work related injury which could have been saved by sending a template response. So, let me write them for you! Together, we can semi automate the act of replying to multiple types of messages, while maintaining personality and style that is true to brand.

SMS and/or email available. 1 revision included.

  • 3 for $40
  • 5 for $50
  • 8 for $75
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Other Miscellaneous services…

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