As primarily a dining and travel companion, these types of dates take priority and are my preference. The following rates are structured in a way that favours longer engagements, and welcomes those of you who agree that brilliance can’t be rushed.

The following packages, activities and time frames are only a guide and can be tweaked to suit our plans.

My rates are in AUD and strictly non negotiable. A deposit may be required to secure your date.

Please note, all packages are required to include time in public. I will not dictate the exact split or hours of sleep as I trust you are a gentleman in all regards; respectful, considerate, and not looking to take advantage of the situation. That being said, I will mention that uninterrupted sleep is a must, as well as some private time to myself on extended dates. This will be used to catch up on admin, contact my security, go to the gym and generally ensure I am in top form for our time together.

3 hour “lunch date” – $1300
4 hour “dinner date” – $1600
6 hour “extended dinner date” – $2200

12 hours – $3800
You choose, overnight guest or daytime lover?

24 hours – $5200
What’s next? We have all day…

48 hours – $8500
The sky is the limit when there’s time up your sleeve!

“Fly Me To You” domestic and international packages are available. I understand many of you are extremely time poor, or unable to travel far from home to meet me due to personal circumstances. Fortunately I love to travel and am happy to meet you in your chosen city for our date. Some international destinations may incur an additional fee to cover extended travel time and preparation. Please contact me directly for further details. Screening and deposits are essential.

Minimum – “Fly me to you” Australia wide 

Date to the value of $2000 + associated travel costs

Minimum – “Fly me to you” International

Date to the value of $4000 + associated travel costs (destination dependant)

Business Trip Companion packages are available for working gentleman. Travelling for work can get lonely and there’s only so many nights you can sit alone in a hotel room! If you would love to wake up next to me, and come ‘home’ to me after work, this is the package for you. The discounted rate is due to your commitments over the course of the trip. I will be exclusively yours during this time. Screening and deposits are essential.

Minimum – 2 nights and the 1 day in between

$5800 + associated travel costs

I prefer to price longer engagements according to your time commitments. Please contact me with details.

Longer bookings and trips away are my specialty. I truly thrive when our time is filled with lazy mornings, afternoon adventures and intimate evenings, knowing there is another day of bliss to come. Pitch me your fantasy, then let me make it a reality. Screening and deposits are essential. POA.

Joining a couple is, hands down, my favourite kind of appointment. For this reason, along with the fact I am genuinely bisexual, I do not charge extra to see couples. I do, however, require a minimum booking length of 90 minutes to ensure the intentions of all parties are clear, and everyone feels that they have had enough attention. For more information, please see my COUPLES page.

Ménage à trois – Please enquire about the spectacular women I am lucky enough to call friends. I am open to meeting one of your existing companions as well, but cannot guarantee there will be chemistry if we haven’t met before. I do not charge extra for this as quite frankly, I’m probably as excited as you are.

Shorter dates are available if I am in your city. 90 minutes is the minimum duration I offer.

1 hour – $650
90 minutes – $950 (new client minimum)
2 hours – $1200
3 hours – $1700

Companionship rates are currently being trialled and offered on a case by case basis.

I have a 2-hour minimum to minimise the chance we run over time, and to maximise my schedule. You are welcome to leave early if you need to.

Please contact me with date and time suggestions, as well as what we would be doing, eg: having lunch or seeing a movie. Companionship appointments must be in a public place and have limited physical intimacy. The companionship rate cannot be added to a private booking in an attempt to lower my rates.

Up to 2 hours: $600
Additional hours: $250

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