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January 2018, Dirt Erotic

These images are some favourites from a shoot I did in Melbourne, in January 2018. I flew there specifically to shoot with Kristy at this spectacular location, and I couldn’t have been happier with the finished product.

When I first made contact, in theory, my idea was simple. I was aware it was also more complex and time-consuming, not to mention more expensive than what I had previously done, but I pitched it and waited to see if Kristy was really the one to make it a reality.

The concept: A day in the life of Sienna James.

I wanted to follow the narrative of a whole day with me and capture moments during it to show what a long booking might look like.

Obviously, Kristy took my concept on board, and together we collaborated to come up with a soft structure for the day. Kristy referred to the different aesthetics we wanted to capture as “mini shoots” or “micro concepts”. It wasn’t about just throwing on another set of lingerie. She committed to making each look pop, not just hoping the day as a whole would come together.

Each look needed multiple factors to work together for Kristy and I to pull this off! A different background, clothing, and/or lingerie, as well as props and lighting had to fit with the narrative we wanted to capture. In the months leading up to our chosen shoot day, Kristy and I had a few long chats. We exchanged images as inspiration, and I definitely collected a few too many wardrobe options.

We ended up with a huge array of options which kept the day fresh. In its self that was an achievement, given we were on set for over 12 hours!

Early on in our planning, Kristy made it clear she believes a location or set has the power to make or break a photo shoot. While I agreed with her completely, my previous experiences weren’t vast enough for me to realise how right she was. I am incredibly grateful for the extra effort Kristy put in to ensure we had the right set. She went above and beyond to make these images magical and I cannot thank her enough.

This process was an amazing experience. I learnt so much! Every image you use on your profile or social media has the chance to tell a story. Make the most out of every element possible. The details make all the difference.

September 2017, Percy Oritz

When a recommendation from a friend goes well, it’s always nice. When a recommendation from a friend is always welcome, they don’t always go well. This one, however, was quite the opposite! Meet Percy Oritz.

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