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Frequently asked questions…

“Sienna, you are so intelligent/beautiful/motivated, why do you do this?”

Firstly, I am not sure why factors that likely drove you to pick me from the hoards of other providers, are also reasons you feel I shouldn’t be an escort but I digress…

Quite simply, I enjoy it. I have managed to find a profession that ticks more boxes for me than any 9-5 would, and still allows me time and money to chase additional opportunities. I have been given the ability to experience things many can only dream of and met people who have truly influenced who I am and aspire to be, while simultaneously being compensated for my time. Like any job, I don’t love every moment, but I do love the freedom, knowledge, opportunities and insight into people’s lives it has brought me. Joining this industry has been the most inspiring, eye-opening and at times beautifully gut-wrenching experience I have had to date. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Will you take my privacy seriously?”

My whole reputation and future in this industry relies upon my discretion, so rest assured I will take your privacy as seriously as possible. I will only ever use the information provided during your initial screening to ensure my safety and wellbeing. If requested, I will delete this information once I have confirmed your details. If you have any concerns, I will happily sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement. On that note, privacy and discretion should be mutual, so I expect the same level of trust in return.

“Can you send me a photo of your face?”

Photos of my face will not be provided under any circumstances. I highly value my privacy, and blur my face for my discretion as much as yours. I enjoy keeping this side of my life separate, so it serves as an escape and fantasy for me in the same way as it does for you. Many clients also appreciate that I will not be recognised from my profile online while in public. I can assure you though, my face has never been considered a disappointment.

“Can I take photos or film during a booking?”

No. While I completely understand this request, I value my privacy too much to allow it. There are many impeccable companions who do offer these services, and I encourage you to seek out someone who can fulfil this request for you.

“Are your photos real?”

Yes, I pride myself on the service I provide and part of that is not misleading anyone through highly retouched photos. False advertising is considered an offence in any other industry and I do not believe this industry should be different. To see amateur shots and selfies, please visit my twitter account @SiennaJames_x

“Can I pay with credit card?”

Currently, I only accept cash payments. Deposits will be taken in the form of a discrete bank transfer or specific gift card, however, this will be explained during our direct communication.

“Do you work for an agency?”

No. I am 100% private, and only I will be answering your enquiries. For this reason, please allow a window of 24-48 hours for a response.

“Where can we meet?”

State laws permitting, I often have an incall location available. Otherwise, a 5-star hotel is required for our first meeting. Once mutual trust is established, we can discuss having me visit your home residence providing you are there alone and have passed screening.

“What services do you provide?”

I strongly dislike the practice of providing a checklist of possibilities for our time together. If you require one, I suggest you look elsewhere for a companion.

In terms of a type of service, I believe the spectrum is far too broad, and expectations of individuals are far too unique to give what I offer an accurate label. For example, if your previous partners have been extremely experimental, open-minded and/or kinky, your expectation of a ‘Girlfriend Experience” is likely going to vary from someone who has only had years of missionary in the dark.

I much prefer to leave things open for us to explore naturally but I will happily disclose my boundaries if you ask directly.

That being said, I do understand that you may particularly enjoy certain aspects of physical intimacy so I encourage you to be polite yet specific when inquiring.

“What will you be wearing?”

I am open to requests as long as I have the time to organise things for you. Please don’t spring a last minute request on me, especially if I am on tour. It’s likely I did not bring or pack endless options. If I don’t own something specific which you have asked me to wear for you, you are welcome to bring the item along and I will wear it for you during our time together.

When attending an outcall with no oufit request, I am always impeccably presented, wearing something elegant and/or discrete. Additional details such as dress code, the name of the meeting place/restaurant so I can research, or letting me know what you plan to wear, is always helpful.

If no request is made for an incall, I will greet you fully dressed with lingerie underneath. As you are arriving in clothes (I hope), I feel this sets a far more natural tone for our meeting. If you would like me to open the door wearing less, please let me know.

“Do you travel or tour?”

I am happy to travel to see you exclusively provided you pass screening, and a deposit is paid. (See “Fly me to you” details on my Rates and Packages page). I occasionally tour, but often need a nudge. My existing clientele are welcome to suggest a particular city and their ideal dates. Although I cannot promise anything, those who don’t ask, never receive. Keep an eye on my twitter for future tour destinations and dates.

“Do you take deposits?”

In some circumstances (completely at my discretion) bookings will require a deposit. Length of date, travel commitments, extended or costly preparation by myself, whether I am at home or touring, and whether we have met before all factor into my decision.

At any point, I may ask for a deposit. I will advise you of details such as the amount and discrete payment options when communicating directly.

Deposits range from $100 to 50% of my rate, and are paid addition to travel costs.

For local dates, your deposit must have cleared 24 hours before our meeting commences. For appointments which involve travel, I prefer your deposit to have cleared 7 days prior. In special circumstasnces, I will keep this window open until 48 hours prior.

Please understand this is standard business practice in other industries, and paying a deposit is becoming increasingly common with companions. It proves the legitimacy of your booking request. It also gives me the confidence to turn down other enquiries in favour of yours.

I understand there are many horror stories about providers disappearing after a deposit has been paid. Please keep in mind, my reputation is of utmost importance to my future in this industry. I wouldn’t risk that over a few hundred dollars. If you have done your research, you will see I am reliable and there is nothing to worry about.

“What is your cancellation policy?”

Cancellations require as much notice as possible. I understand life loves throwing the occasional curve ball at us, but as a low volume provider, I have set aside time and money for our encounter while turning others away. I have also spent years encouraging the gentleman who visit me to book with substantial notice. Since they have mastered the art of forward planning, it’s rare that I am able to take a replacement booking.

The following information explains my Cancellation Policy in detail. If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Dates up to 3 hours:

  • If I am given less than 24 hours notice, your deposit will be deemed forfeit.
  • Within the window of 24 hours – 72 hours, your deposit will be held for up to 2 months (or until my next visit to your city) to secure another date. After this time, it is deemed forfeit.
  • If more than 72 hours notice, your deposit will be returned at my earliest convenience.
  • If you did not make a deposit, the equivalent must be paid as a cancellation fee before I agree to meet with you again.

Dates 4 hours or longer:

  • If I am given less than 48 hours notice, your deposit will be deemed forfeit.
  • Within the window of 48 hours – 72 hours your deposit will be held for up to 2 months (or until my next visit to your city) to secure another date. After this time, it is deemed forfeit.

Extended (24 hours +) or “Fly me to you” dates:

  • Less than 72 hours notice, your deposit will be deemed forfeit.
  • Within the window of 72 hours – 7 days, your deposit will be held for up to 3 months to secure another date. After this time, it is deemed forfeit.
  • If more than 7 days notice, your deposit will be returned to you at my earliest convenience.
  • Travel costs are non refundable.

On the rare occasion I need to cancel, your deposit will be returned to you in full at my earliest convenience.

In exceptional circumstances, I may waive these conditions. ‘No shows’ will be blacklisted.

“Do you see couples?”

YES! Seeing genuine and open-minded couples is an honour and my absolute favourite. See my “Couples” page for more information.

“Can I bring you a gift?”

Although always greatly appreciated, gifts are unnecessary. If you insist on bringing a gift, and at the risk of sounding incredibly un-sexy, I mostly enjoy practical presents. Coles/Myer gift cards or petrol vouchers and always handy. Alternatively, a gift which offers me an experience (spa treatments, show tickets, entry to a festival or a paid adventure such as hot air ballooning etc) is always a winner. Memories last far longer than material things.

If clothing, shoes or lingerie is your thing, I wear a size 8 in clothing (to be safe), 8 or “small” underwear, 12B bra, and size 8 shoes.

Books, scented candles, linen/towels, and bath/body products are also a great option. They will always get used while I think of you.

Thank you for your generosity!

“What is your favourite drink?”

I prefer champagne or red wine, but it’s no fun to drink alone so lets share something you enjoy. You might even introduce me to my new favourite!

“What is your ideal encounter?”

The dates I enjoy most are as eclectic and varied as the people they are with. The only common aspects are having plenty of time together to share an experience; to indulge all of our senses before finally succumbing to the tension this creates. Food, wine, live music, shows, travel and conversation all build connection. As the anticipation grows, time is suspended for me as well.

My ideal encounter is one where I can lose myself in it, and in you.

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