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Escort HQ is finally live! New look, fresh content and a complete work in progress…

I have always considered blogging. My journey as an escort has always felt like one I should share. Maybe I just needed somewhere to share it… SJ’s escort HQ is a start.

That being said, everyone feels like they have a story worth telling at one point or another, even if not their journey as a whole.

Different things both motivate us to, or hold us back from from sharing these stories. One of the major road blocks for me was that I didn’t know where to put these posts. They didn’t have a home. Until now! This Escort HQ, or SJ’s HQ is where you will find tips, tricks and all things SJ.

When previously toying with the idea of blogging, I would sit down to put lessons or experiences onto paper. I always start, but was never happy with the finish. I couldn’t even find an organic pause between potential posts that I was happy with! With so many wonderful escort bloggers out there, what is left to say? I’m not a writer as such; I enjoy it, but it’s more cathartic than anything. Maybe that’s why I have held back in sharing. It’s personal, that’s why this new site feels different. It’s my escort HQ and more… It’s my new home. Home is where I can be myself, and that will, at times, rub some people up the wrong way.

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Let’s be honest, SW’s are an opinionated bunch. Regardless of your chosen sector, or which side of the sex work fence we sit (consumers vs providers), we all have an element of our life which is somewhat shunned by the rest of society. This, among other things, seems to exaggerate our need or desire to vent. Some do it online, and some offline; some to peers, and some to strangers. But we all do it. Finally, with a place to share my thoughts, SJ’s escort HQ, I can give Sienna James a voice too.

In short, I suppose I’ve finally caved and decided to start.

Don’t worry. This won’t turn into the new home of another old escort blog which only preaches to the choir. I’ll do my best to stay as far away from a way too personal “POOR ME! I’m a privileged escort with a degree and a choice” whinge fest, or worse, a series of pages filled with bragging word vomit. Nor do I feel I want to reproduce a “How-To” for clients of sex workers, as the ones that really need to read those blog posts, never do.

So what do I want SJ’s Escort HQ to be? God knows… I never really know what I want to do before I’m already doing it.

If I have to say anything about what I hope or predict for these pages, I guess my only aim is honesty.

Honesty is something I like to think I have in hoards, but don’t we all? Especially in this secret world, filled with fake names, pretend job titles and undercover meetings. I find myself, as an escort, able to be more honest with strangers and clients, than I can sometimes be with friends. But that “escort honesty” I have found, brings lies in other areas of my life. It’s a trade-off for all of us, even more so for those sex workers like myself who choose not to “come out.” That choice brings consequences beyond those which people regularly discuss.

It’s these sorts of topics I hope to touch on here. Genuine, real, and thought provoking blog posts, with information I didn’t have access to when I began in the sex industry. The truth from someone who has had a few ups and downs, though no heavy extremes either way. SJ’s escort HQ will have no happy hooker short stories, no chronicles of the survival sex worker and no International Elite Escort touring tips, because I’m not any of those things.

I’m just me. So for the sake of this blog and the audience it’s likely to reach, you can still call me…

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Perth based, available Australia wide. 5+ years as an independent escort. Ex stripper and ex sugar baby. University educated. Mother to a fur baby. Has dated while escorting, both clients and civies. Worked nationally and internationally, incalls and outcalls. Blurred face. Only “out” to a select few. And now, ready to share my story.

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