Escort Friends

I have had the pleasure of meeting the following people in real life. Our relationships extend beyond the fake names and sometimes faker people we encounter in this industry.

So far the only personal hang up I have about stepping back from escorting is that I don’t want to let my wonderful clients down or fall out of contact with my escort friends. I struggled with the idea that while making the right decision for myself, I would also be the catalyst for some clients to look for a new escort companion or sexy friend. Although completely indirectly, I didn’t want to be the reason my old clients may have uncomfortable, or just downright bad experiences while searching for their new regular.

Being the problem solver I am, I spent a long time trying to get my head around what could be done to lessen the potential upset. I finally came up with an idea. Although sometimes there is no logical reason why two people don’t click, I have decided to do my best and essentially play “matchmaker” for some of my escort friends and clients.

As one always does when suggesting a future meeting between two parties, I have introduced my escort friends in my own words. My descriptions have been personally approved, but nothing posted here was guided by the individual or is secret self-promotion.

Compiling this collection was actually a wonderful experience. While it started as a way to combat the personal guilt I was feeling about being unavailable to clients who have stood by me longer than makes sense, I unintentionally created a pretty awesome byproduct for myself too.

Sienna’s Friends is a portfolio showcasing a section of the eclectic bunch of people I am lucky enough to be close to.

Here, they are friends first, and escorts second.

Read on to get an outsiders opinion on who you may match with…

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