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Escort Content Writing

Escort Content Writing, Escort Copywriting and Associated Services

Escort specific Content Writing has never been something I struggle with. Whether you remember my website bio or not, I (clearly) enjoy writing, and even then I was making strategic choices to do with how I put words together.

After I was asked to edit or even write for friends, I realise there is a growing market for escort content writers. So, the time has come for me to announce a side business. As I get the feel for everything, I will announce more, as there is plenty which works along side this. But the basis of what I offer will always be the same. I offer services which I would have loved to outsource, or know others want to.

I wrote a blog post on Escort Economics, which Sarah from Sarahs2cents loved. While working on part 2 (life gets in the way) I found out that Sarah loves to educate, teach and solve problems. But the actual act of writing that all down, in an easily digestible, entertaining way is not her definition of relaxing or fun. As I’m the opposite, I edited a couple of her posts one day, to try and slow my brain down when it was in overdrive. And we have bounced off each other ever since.

She has blown my mind (and freaked me out) at how much there is to learn about “hoes and tech”. Sarah has also helped me see what I’m already capable of and given me the nudge I needed. I’m incredibly lucky to get the chance to learn from her and work with her more often.

But, I hear you ask, what is the difference between Escort Content Writing and Copywriting? Let me explain…

Copywriting is a term which marketing and advertising professionals use. Writing copy is writing to encourage a prospective customer to make a purchase. It’s promotional and persuasive, based on the end goal of making a sale.

Content Writing is more so based on writing to engage and entertain the reader, so they spend more time getting to know a person, product or brand.

Both, in my opinion, are important to an escort who truely envisions success, and invests in getting there.

Escort Content outsource

I also have listed a few other things which may be of interest to escorts who just don’t have the time, skills or confidence. If there is anything else you are looking for however, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Just because I have named something “Escort Content Writing” doesn’t mean I’m unavailable to another sector of the Adult Industry. “Escort Copywriting” isn’t a title to cap my ability, but it does make searching for me easier…

Which brings in the next thing I want to mention – Escort content writing and SEO

Along my journey over the past few months, I have just begun to understand the basics of the infinite, always evolving, disgustingly complicated abyss which is SEO.

I can absolutely write with SEO in mind but I am no means the be and end all to achieving what you want for your website. While I’m happy to talk to you about the basics, I’m not an SEO specialist. Besides, great escort content is not the only step in getting the top spot on page 1 of Google. There are many more factors that work hand in hand with written content, while the algorithms can change daily.

First, look at the cost. Good SEO is worth its weight in gold. It is not the cheapest on the shelf. Secondly, look at whether they say it’s an ongoing task. Good SEO is something you have to revisit.

The fact of the matter is – SEO and the associated algorithms change all the time. Adult industry SEO is no different.

For these reasons, anyone I have worked with in the past is welcome to return for an SEO based tune-up at a discounted rate.

If you want to learn more, visit Sarahs2cents, and find her Escort SEO blog post.

Part of why I’m so proud of what I offer is that I know when I’m not the best person for the job. I will make RESULTS BASED recommendations of any associated services which will help you achieve whatever goal your goal is.

That may be taking the escort copywriting I do for you, and deciding that your photos need to be refreshed so they fit better with the new description of you. Of course, I’ll suggest photographers. Alternatively, that may be working with someone who can do more for your website as a whole, alongside whatever content you and I create.

As I am only just opening these services to the public, and because I believe in a business delivering on their promises, I am only available to Australian (and maybe kiwi) escorts. I’m Australian and have been based here for my whole working career. I’m familiar with the market, it’s trends, competition, and structure. I can’t confidently offer that level of understanding in my escort content writing for those abroad yet. If and when that changes, you will be first to know!

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Read on for rates and services…

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