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Whether this is a first time experience with a couples escort, or something you regularly indulge in, my feelings on the matter stay the same. It is always a huge honour to be chosen and invited to be a part of an experience with a couple who are brave enough and share a bond strong enough to explore another person together.

Making sure two people have the same hopes and expectations for an intimate encounter can be challenging as is. Aligning three people is obviously even more so. Please consider the following things before contacting me. The following information was compiled after reflecting on not only my experiences as Sienna, but also from the other side. In the past, I have booked a couples escort to join myself and a partner. I know what it’s like to be on your side of the fence. Once again, I will be completely honest. Please try not to feel like working through this list with each other is taking the sexy out of it. Trust me, the effort now is worth it. We will have far more fun on the day if all of these things have been considered and addressed first.

What are your hopes for our time together?

This can be as simple as sending a clear email, speaking on the phone and/or allocating some extra time for us to get to know each other over a glass of wine before the final jump or first move is made (depending on how you see it).

What are the conditions or boundaries you have?

In my experience, couples often prefer to share certain physical acts exclusively with each other, such as kissing, especially for the first few experiences. It is easy to honour and abide by these conditions with clear communication, however without expressing your desires first, what can be a huge amount of fun can quickly turn sour. Remember that at any point during our time together, these boundaries can be lifted, but it’s not easy to set them halfway through if you witness something that doesn’t sit right. If you aren’t sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

For the women involved, is this a “straight” threesome, or a “bi” threesome?

In other words, are we both exploring your man only, or would you like us to play together? More specifically, have you been with a woman before? Would you like to play with me or just have me pleasure you? Regardless of the amount of physical contact we have directly, there is plenty to do and fun to be had with three people, so do not feel obligated to take part in anything you aren’t sure of.

I will only provide services to couples when all three parties are aware of the proceedings. Even if one of you is communicating on behalf of the other, I do require the opportunity to speak to both of you separately. There is nothing worse than a surprise gone wrong, especially when someone you love is involved.

Lastly, I want to make it clear that your relationship is my first priority too.

When we finally meet, after the initial introductions and a casual flirty chat, I will give you a moment alone to check in with each other, to ensure you both would like to move forward with the date. I will usually excuse myself and head to the bar or bathroom. I may say I am going to “get another drink” or “freshen up”.

If nothing is said when I return, I will take this as a green light. If you aren’t convinced that we are a good match or decide that this isn’t the right choice for you after all, just let me know. I understand, and will just head home. An easy way of expressing this is to say that after all the excitement, you are a bit too tired to really enjoy yourselves. You don’t have to explain yourselves, and I won’t question you. We can discuss the issue of funds at a later date.

Remember, you never have to see me again if you decide not to go ahead with the experience. Nerves are one thing, but your gut feeling should never be ignored. If it’s telling you something isn’t right, listen to it! … But I really do hope it’s just preparing you for the next mind blowing adventure you have as a couple.

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