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About Sienna James

You have countless options. I am honoured you have ended up here, and that I have managed to get this far through your selection process.

Given my competitive streak, however, second place has never satisfied, so with mostly words, (and a few photographs, of course), I will attempt to entice you to take the final leap of faith to meet me in person.

It is a leap of faith after all. You can never be 100% sure what is the truth when reading through our websites; we all want you to choose us. Just like on your resume or internet dating profile, we are encouraged to present the best version of ourselves. Society conditions everyone to want to win people over; to aspire to be liked by all. But just as I tend to shy away from societal norms, as I grow older, I no longer aim for this.

Instead, I strive to be unforgettable.

On that note, what follows is a little different, but exactly what my ideal companion deserves.


I am a complete mishmash of contradictory personality traits; still surprising myself after 28 years. To start, I am fiercely loyal, but when pushed I can hold a grudge like no other. Fortunately, my grudges are uncommon as I choose carefully who I spend time with. I seek out those who give off invigorating energy and bask in their glow to recharge.

I regularly make fun of myself, and love if you can do the same! At the end of the day, accidentally taking two left shoes (I own two pairs of the same shoe) on tour and wearing them anyway due to sheer determination was a painful experience. But if we can’t get a laugh out of it, my blisters were a waste.

I make decisions two ways, either overthinking something to a point of hilarity or being beautifully spontaneous; just turning my brain off and letting life surprise me. Learning to embrace these bursts, as well as my short attention span has gone hand in hand with feeding my love of new people, places and experiences. It sounds magical, but it can also lead to interesting conversational tangents.

Making use of life’s loopholes is probably something I enjoy too much. I discover those loopholes easily due to my desire to understand as much as possible, about anything and everything. I also find my ability to know when to either adapt or cut my losses to move on, both incredibly valuable and occasionally dangerous.

Standing at 5’7”, with an air of quiet but unwavering self-confidence, I am lucky enough to possess a lightning-quick metabolism. I like to tell myself I live life with an ‘everything in moderation’ approach. In reality, if I enjoy something I’m far more indulgent than that.

Food, wine, and good company are only a few of my vices you will encounter.

I have to admit, I run this side of my life in what can be considered the most draining way possible. In short, I actively seek out real connection. If you are looking for something purely physical, you won’t find it here. I can’t help it; people fascinate me and I do not shy away from any facet of intimacy. Many consider this emotional energy investment to be a flaw in my business model. I have heard of these elements referred to as a mistake or weakness, however, I consider it rewarding. Anyone well matched with myself would agree.

So there you have it; the real me. I am at peace with the knowledge I will lose a few of you due to my confessions. Only to gain others who are now completely committed to taking that aforementioned leap. For those of you somewhere in between, it’s likely my writing has taken you by surprise. It’s ok if you aren’t sure yet.

After all, this is all too real. I’m not perfect, and you came here looking for a fantasy, right? So you close my site and continue searching. But later, when all your other options begin to blend into one, I will pop into your thoughts again.


That’s when I hope to get the chance to show you that your “fantasy” is more real than you thought.

Sienna James xx
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